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At FitMetrix, we love our customers. Whether you are a boutique studio, a franchise or large fitness club, FitMetrix has a solution that will work great for you.

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FitMetrix For Fitness ClubsCreate a rich experience that your members deserve

The FitMetrix platform is an ideal choice for fitness clubs looking to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it is the in-studio group experience, personal training or providing tools to engage with all of your members, FitMetrix aims to provide technology to help with member retention and to give enough differentiators to keep your customers coming back for more.

FitMetrix For BoutiquesYour clients expect the white glove treatment

See real results from day one. Whether allowing your members to pick their own spots for classes or giving them easy tools to see real results from their workouts, FitMetrix has the technology to help enable the growth of your business.

FitMetrix For FranchisesWe know what it takes to be a successful franchise vendor

FitMetrix has worked with franchises at the corporate level since day 1. Our team's expertise in working with enterprise clients makes us a great partner to help build a plan to roll out the FitMetrix platform within the franchise network. Whether we are working on standardized documentation for rolling out the in-studio experience or walking through the challenges of allowing members the ability to book classes at multiple locations, FitMetrix is ready to meet your demands.