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FitMetrix kicks butt!


Bloggers try a workout and call out Fitmetrix as it was used to track their success!

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FitMetrix Launches Group Management Functionality

Club IndustryArticle

FitMetrix has launched its new group and class management functionality to their software platform to combat the growing pains and challenges associated with managing additional club offerings.

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Elevate Fitness to open in Aquidneck Corporate Park on November 10th

What's Up NewportArticle

Elevate Fitness highlights their new studio featuring FitMetrix.

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3 Must-Have Tech Devices for Today's Fitness Professionals

LA's The Place Online MagazineArticle

The FitMetrix heart-rate based group fitness and exercise app allows clients to better track the health and performance of fitness class participants.

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Developing The Future Of Fitness


Hear FitMetrix's co-founder and CTO, Josh Lloyd, discuss building a foundation for solid work ethic, staying curious and making the impossible, possible.

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9 Health Experts Predict the Hottest Fitness Trends of 2018

Brit + CoArticle

Wearable technology in the classroom is a hot trend! Read about FitMetrix's real-time performance tracking and metrics.

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FitMetrix Launches Group Management Functionality to Fitness Tech Platform

Athletic BusinessArticle

FitMetrix performance tracking software introduces automated class management features.

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Interview With Monica Dioda, CEO of FitMetrix

Ash Said It DailyPodcast

Monica Dioda is the co-founder and CEO of FitMetrix, which provides state of the art technology to gyms and health clubs.

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Perspiration Inspiration

Men's BookArticle

FitMetrix is an exercisecentric, engagement-driven technology platform spreading throughout international gym chains and boutiques.

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FitMetrix Provides Customized Fitness Experience to Large Format Health Clubs

Athletic BusinessArticle

State-of-the-Art Software Transforms the Health Club Member's Experience with Tailored Features.

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Motivation By Humiliation

The Bert ShowArticle

New year, same old story. You want to lose weight, but you just don't have the motivation, drive or heart to stick with it. We get it!

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FitMetrix and Perkville Announce Partnership for Fitness Facilities

Club IndustryArticle

FitMetrix, an Atlanta-based fitness tech software provider, is pleased to announce its new partnership with customer loyalty program, Perkville.

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FitMetrix Member Engagement Technology

Club Business IntlArticle

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IDEA World Fitness Convention Brings Healthy Lifestyle to Vegas

FOX 5 VegasInterview

The Idea World Fitness Convention stopped at the Las Vegas Convention Center for three days full of health, fitness and lifestyle events.

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FitMetrix Provides State-of-the-Art Software Platform for Fitness Industry


Software allows gym members to train, trend and transform under one revolutionary platform.

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FitMetrix Provides Customized Fitness Experience to Health Clubs

Recreation MgmtArticle

State-of-the-art software transforms the health club member's experience with tailored features.

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Buckhead Tech Company FitMetrix Brings Custom Fitness Tech to Large Health Clubs

Buckhead PatchArticle

Technology is taking over the fitness industry, bringing customized workouts and tailored features to members.

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