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FIT 45 LIIT (Low Impact Interval training)
LIIT (LOW-impact interval training)or Low Impact steady state is similar to HIIT as it consists of intervals of higher and lower intensity. The difference is that the high-intensity periods aren’t nearly as intense. Low or no Impact exercises are performed. Lower intensities are easier on your joints, make you less prone to injury, and won’t leave you winded.
On top of the same health benefits you gain from HIIT, you can gain similar benefits to general low-intensity training, like increased mobility, improved strength, and improved cardiovascular endurance. Basically, LIIT is the perfect alternative to vigorous exercise. It allows you to gain the same benefits and burn calories without burning out.
Although the metabolic after-burn effect isn’t as vast as HIIT training, this aerobic form of exercise (which is solely fuelled by fat stores) will still keep your fitness levels up and your scales down.

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