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7-13 Year olds welcome in this 60 minute class.
Your Warrior will learn and practice the fundamentals of BANG MUAY THAI. A striking system developed by Duane "Bang" Ludwig. Your child will start as a white belt and work their way through a belting system.

MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Sparring, Mitt Work, Various Bag Work, Light Sparring (optional), and more.

We will provide a positive environment that is age appropriate.

Gloves and handwraps are required. We recommend 12-14oz gloves and 108" hand wraps or quick wraps.

Sparring equipment is required, shin guards, head gear, mouth pieces, and boxing gloves.

Your Child must wear a White shirt until belted to the next color.

Personal Hygiene is a must.

Bring water.

Wear athletic clothes and shoes.

No shoes on the mat.

No gum please.

Please drop your children off so they can be independent in this sport for 60 minutes, paying full attention to the Koaches and without any distraction. If you choose to stay, please keep yourself and your children quiet. Absolutely no coaching your child.

Instructors Who Teach This Class

None Available