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Are you looking for the hardest workout on a bike mixed with all the good vibes that the universe can generate? Look no further! This is the cycle class you can build your weeknight evening routine around!
Led by the extraordinarily professional, charming, and entertaining Ariana Tenaglia, RIPPED RIDE is an interval-based cycle class that uses runs, climbs, sprints, light choreography, combined with weights for extra strength and endurance training. Imagine how toned and strong you will be if you come to this class 20 times.

RIPPED RIDE has such popular music that we have been asked to share the playlist on our Spotify regularly. When people leave this class they always describe themselves as "exhausted, but I can't wait to do this again."

ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME: This class is as challenging as you want to make it.

General Class Format:
- Intro/Stretching/Warm up
- Warm Up/Choreography/Crunches
- Interval For HR (70-80%)
- Increased Interval (80-90%)
- Active Recovery/Upward Climb
- Weights
- Climb
- Warm Down

General class structure stays the same with interchangeable components. Still an interval-based class, but intention and focus for class changes each time.

Top 3 Music Influences: Hip-hop, Pop, DJ Remi

Instructors Who Teach This Class

None Available