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An interval-based class using runs, climbs, sprints, light choreography, and weights to build strength and endurance. This class incorporates multiple weight portions using hand weights for extra focus on the upper body! 
A dark room, loud music, and high energy create good vibes to push you through your ride! 
This class is as challenging as you want to make it.

General Class Format:
- Intro/Stretching/Warm up
- Warm Up/Choreography/Crunches
- Interval For HR (70-80%)
- Increased Interval (80-90%)
- Active Recovery/Upward Climb
- Weights
- Climb
- Warm Down 
General class structure stays the same with interchangeable components. Still an interval-based class, but intention and focus for class changes each time.

Top 3 Music Influences: Hip-hop, Pop, DJ Remixes

The Class By The Ratings
(1 low – 5 high)
Climbs: 5
Sprints: 5
Choreography: 3
Volume: 4
Weights: Yes
Explicit Lyrics: Try not to but it pops up sometimes.


Instructors Who Teach This Class