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LIT and Fit - Prime
::this class is lit, lyrics are uncensored::

Hey Party People!! Ready for a high-energy cycle class?? Join us for this LIT AND FIT Group Ride! Part boot camp and part nightclub, LIT and Fit has it all: sprints, climbs, runs, and hand weights. Larry pushes you through a full-body cycle workout that challenges you to come out of your comfort zone and be your best self! More than just a cycle class, this is an experience. GUARANTEED LIT.

General Format:

- Class begins with a 2-3m warmup
- A mix of climbs, runs, push-ups, springs, and weights
- Weights are used for 1-2 songs
- Push-us in and out of the saddle
- Instructor teaches on the bike for most of the class
- Quick stretch at the end of class

Music Influences: Rap, Rock, EDM, Live Hip-Hop, Dance, R&B, Pop

The Class By The Ratings
(1 low – 5 high)
Climbs: 5
Sprints: 3
Choreography: 2
Volume: 5
Weights: Yes
Explicit Lyrics: Yes

Instructors Who Teach This Class

None Available