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Geared Up - Prime
A high-energy rhythm-based ride where you will be encouraged & challenged in a positive and uplifting environment.
We will climb, sprint & run and along the way we will do some choreography & some weights, to push ourselves (and each other) to be great!
The music & lighting will motivate you through your kick ass ride!
General Class Format: 
1. Warm-up
2. Mix of doubles, runs, sprints, climbs, push-ups, tap-backs, waltzes, lots of out-of-saddle
3. Uses weights, no drop saddle
4. No specific choreography
5. Some common choreography, also usage of new moves to keep it fresh
6. Only teaches off the bike to help someone
7. Stretch at end of class
8. Every class is different from using new playlist but has a common theme
9. 70% is out-of-saddle including climbs, runs, sprints, tap-backs, push-ups, 10% warm-up, 10% cool-down
10. The class stays rhythm-based while adding new choreography
Top Three Music Inspirations: 1. Pop/Rock 2. Pop R&B 3. Dance

Instructors Who Teach This Class