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CycleCore - Prime
CycleCore is a high-intensity, heart pumping cycle adventure set in a club like atmosphere! You will sprint, climb, dance, run, work your core and arms all to playlists that make you want to move! Sweat and strength from head to toe are goals in this team inspired class.

General Format:
Begins with a warm up, features climbs, runs, sprints, doubles, and pushups. Class uses weights and has specific choreography to specific songs that changes frequently. Some off-bike teaching. Ends with a stretch.

The Class by the Numbers:
- Climbs:3
- Sprints:2
- Choreography:4
- Volume: 3
- Weights: yes or no yes
- Explicit Lyrics: yes or no 5% Yes
- Music Influences: 4

Musical Inspirations: Dance, Hip Hop, BPM Remixes, Top 40

Instructors Who Teach This Class

None Available