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Cardio Kickboxing
We're thrilled to announce the launch of an exhilarating addition to our fitness lineup at Maui Powerhouse Gym! Partnering with Coach Marvelous Tevaga of Boogyman Muay Thai, we're excited to introduce our brand new Cardio Kickboxing program.
Every Saturday at 11AM, get ready to experience a high-energy 50-minute kickboxing cardio class that will challenge your body and mind. Combining calisthenics, body weight training, boxing and cardio drills - you will be lead through a challenging circuit workout designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Each class will include a warm up, a mix of punching bag drills, cardio exercises, and core strengthening exercises, as well as a cool down. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to kickboxing, this program is tailored to accommodate all levels of experience, especially first-timers.

Join us for an action-packed session where you'll not only learn powerful moves but also engage in a killer full-body workout. Coach Marv will guide you through an invigorating routine that will challenge and inspire you to unleash your inner warrior.

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