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Just Bungee 4 Life
ASTRO-DURANCE Total Body Bungee Systems are a revolution in physical training and rehab!
ASTRO-DURANCE Bungee Systems combines a wonderful cardio workout with the assistance of a unique bungee system that provides low-impact support. Participants hang suspended on a bungee cord and use the springy support to either assist movement, or provide resistance, according to the workout. This class begins with fundamental bungee movements and ultimately turns up the heat! Don't worry though, this class can be modified to varying levels of fitness.

This revolutionary workout is helping all types of people achieve their fitness goals. This method of training is so much fun and, better yet, places minimal stress on joints!

A 30-minute Astro Bungee Workout can:

* rev up cardio within 20 seconds,
* burn calories like crazy, and
* leave metabolism burning for 24 hours!

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