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UTAH RIDE - Back Rows
This ride is on a whole new different level! Utah is an unbelievable state to ride in, and our ride is the same: We take you on any of our back rows bikes from Monument Valley in south of Utah, to Zion National Park, then head up to Salt Lake City, Logan Canyon, Mirror Lake, the incredible Hwy 89, and the tunnels of Hwy 12 in south Utah. We ride to Duke Dumont, Bee Gees, Prince, Elvis Presley, Nelly Furtado, KC & Sunshine Band, Ashanti, Drake, Mase, Missy Elliot and a whole section we made of Urban Techno combines with Rhythm Opera vibes that will blow your mind on the last 15 minutes of the ride! You gotta try this ride, its an Ecstasy of music, emotions and SWEAT! 

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