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COLORADO RIDE (Studio, Back Rows)
A 60min Ride in Colorado on any of our Back Row bikes! Riding in Colorado is like riding in Switzerland! We filmed the most beautiful roads in the state: from the mountains surrounding Aspen to Boulder Canyon Rd. Heading north from Denver out to the Love Pass where the white snow touches the clear blue sky. Climbing up to Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' on Pikes Peak 14,000 feet above sea level, working your hamstrings and calves. Riding fast flat on Highway 70 West into the most amazing tunnels in Colorado, on a House bit of Icarus 'Home' and Moska's 'This is House'. You will burn around 700 calories in this ride, and you'll see the most unbelievable views of Colorado! This ride is a killer! It's a Must!

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