Terms and Conditions

Member agrees that upon entering REDEMPTION Fitness that they must observe all House Rules and safety measures when working out. This includes following proper procedures in the RIDE, REP, and REBEL modalities. REDEMPTION Fitness also reserves the right to modify/change or cancel any of its studio experiences or class format they so choose. Notification will be provided as early as possible should this be necessary.

Member/Guest (hereafter “Member”) may cancel their reservation online up to 8 hours in advance free of charge. Members who cancel after this time or do not show up for a scheduled class will be charged. A $10 late cancellation fee is charged to the card on file of any member who reserves a spot and does not cancel within 8 hours of class online, app, or via e-mail to summerlin@redemptionfitness.com. Each member will get one courtesy late cancellation.

Members are asked to check-in 15 minutes prior to class, but need check-in not less than 5 minutes before. If a member is running late to a class, call studio at (702) 724-9815. Otherwise, REDEMPTION may offer the reserved spot to a walk-in or waitlisted member. REDEMPTION can only hold the spot up to 3 minutes before the scheduled class time. At 5 minutes following the scheduled class time, members are not permitted into class at all.

A $15 no-show fee is charged for any member who outrightly does not show up for their scheduled class and provides no notice (see Late Cancellation and Running Behind policy).

REDEMPTION Fitness encourages all members to sign up for the Waitlist in full classes as spots may become available last minute.
i. 8+ HOURS PRIOR TO CLASS: Members who attempt to reserve a spot in a full class will be placed on a Waitlist. Up until 8 hours prior to the class’ scheduled start time, spots that open up will automatically be given to the waitlisted parties in order of their position on the Waitlist. If a spot opens, an auto-generated email will arrive from MindBody citing member has been added from the Waitlist to the class. In this case, it is the member’s responsibility to remove themselves from the class if they no longer intend to take the class. REDEMPTION may charge the $10 late cancellation fee if member does not remove themselves from class.
ii. LESS THAN 8 HOURS PRIOR TO CLASS: When there is less than 8 hours until the class’ scheduled start and any late cancellations occur, REDEMPTION will contact waitlisted parties in the order of their position on the Waitlist via text or email, offering a spot pending confirmation within a specified amount of time ahead of the class’ scheduled start time. Lack of confirmation means REDEMPTION will move to the next party on the Waitlist.
iii. Waitlisted parties may “standby” for a spot in class. Members who fail to check-in or call to note they’re running late acknowledge REDEMPTION will surrender that spot to a walk-in or waitlisted member at 3 minutes ahead of class’ scheduled start time.

REDEMPTION Fitness is committed to ensuring our first timers are completely at ease. As such, part of the member experience includes class inductions. REDEMPTION instructors will welcome first timers into respective class' studio 10 minutes prior to the class start time. During that time, they will walk first timers through more about the class, its structure, various equipment, and other related tips to ensure first timer is set up for success and the best experience possible!

REDEMPTION Fitness requires cycling shoes in order to RIDE. Member may opt to bring their own cycling shoes or rent a pair from our studio, assuming they are SPD-compatible cleats. Rental shoes are $3 per session and may be billed to member’s payment method online or paid in cash when checking in.

REDEMPTION Fitness requires handwraps and boxing gloves in order to partake in the class. Clients must bring their own OR purchase our quick gel wraps to protect their hands when boxing. Gloves may be brought by member, purchased from REDEMPTION Fitness, or rented for $3 per session.

Unless otherwise stated in writing, REDEMPTION Fitness monthly memberships may be cancelled upon notice of intent to cancel thirty (30) days prior to the requested date of cancellation in-person via our cancellation form. Again, this notice for cancellation must be in writing and signed by the Studio Manager or a Front Desk Associate. Members will always make one additional payment after the member provides notice of cancellation with the exception of the 30 days for $30 option (see below).

Members must provide intent to cancel thirty (30) days prior to the requested date of cancellation in writing, using the cancellation request form available at the studio (phone call or e-mail notice is not accepted). This written notice for cancellation will be processed and received directly by the Studio Manager or a Front Desk Associate. A copy of the cancellation will be offered to both parties, the Buyer and Seller, and Member will still have use of facility and classes for the following month after last payment is received.

Any Member who re-joins is subject to a $75 reactivation fee in addition to the price of the first month of the new monthly membership dues. To avoid that reactivation fee, Member may put their account on a $20/month freeze instead of cancelling. Freezes are set up in accordance with Member's billing cycle dates. Member may freeze for up to 3 months' time once per calendar year.

Please note that all Class Packages and Paid in Full memberships (e.g., Annual Unlimited memberships) are non-refundable. These options are also not eligible for our freeze service. 

Unless otherwise stated in writing, the membership fees will recur monthly until cancelled by the member in accordance with our Membership Cancellation policy (see above). The monthly fees will be charged automatically and approximately on the same day of the month that the original purchase was made.

When signing up for a monthly membership, REDEMPTION Fitness requires a two-month minimum given our 30 days' notice policy for any change to membership, including cancellations. There are no set-up fees, contract fees, or cancellation fees beyond the initial two months, though member must cancel in accordance with Membership Cancellation Policy, which, again, entails written notice in-person including populating our cancellation form and providing this notice thirty (30) days prior to the requested date of cancellation. Other requirements are clearly denoted in the Terms & Conditions agreement of any introductory offer.