Terms and Conditions

ASSUMPTION OF RISK. I understand that your training involves regimens of highly strenuous athletic and physical fitness activities and recognize that participation in such strenuous activities inherently involve health and injury risks, which can be very serious, to include death. I understand and knowingly accept and assume all health injury risks, including death. I represent that I have no physical or health issues that might inhibit my participation in your training or might increase my risks. I further represent that I have recently received medical clearance and approval from a physician to participate in highly strenuous exercise activities. I understand that this is my responsibility to regulate the scope and intensity of my participation in each class session so that I am not overtaxed and I promise that I will do so. I further acknowledge that, by electing to continue participation in class, my assumption of risk will be ongoing and absolute. Lastly, I acknowledge that any failure on my part to exercise prudence may significantly increase the risks I will incur.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY. I hereby release in full and forever discharge and hold harmless, SoldierFit®; its fitness instructors, agents, officers, and employees, whether acting within the scope of their employment or otherwise, of any liability, losses, costs, damages, expenses, claims, or lawsuits whatsoever for any or all injuries, losses, illnesses, harms, costs, expenses, claims, suits, damages or other claims resulting from, related to, or in any way arising from my participation in SoldierFit® classes. I understand that the owner of and agent for any property where my class is to be conducted and/or any class Sponsor will also be a beneficiary of this Waiver of Liability and Release.