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Meg P.
Dr. Meg is a passionate clinician with over 11 years of clinical experience. Her journey with physical therapy began as a two-sport high school athlete when she was battling with a shoulder injury. After signing her Division 1 letter of intent to play softball at Manhattan College, another shoulder injury threatened her ability to play in college. After being told she would never throw again, she sought the help of a very motivated, driven physical therapist who worked to help her get her shoulder back in throwing condition to player catcher and first base at Manhattan College. It was then that Meg knew she wanted to do the same to help others move their best and do what they love. Being a runner herself, she knows and understands the complexity of treating runners and loves nothing more than getting a runner back in shape and injury free to run their race. Showing people how to move correctly, stay injury free, and never have to give up the activities that they love because they were told "they can’t", is Dr. Meg's favorite part of her job. If people are shown how to move correctly, they should always be able to do all the activities that make them happy.