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Jesse F.

I am a NASM & RRCA-certified fitness trainer and run coach who currently works with DC’s most talented endurance athletes. I’m also a sponsored runner who has participated in races of all kinds, from neighborhood 5Ks to 130-mile ultra-distance mountain events...and somehow have stayed upright and injury-free throughout my entire career (through proper training, thank you very much). I specialize in progressive overload and functional mobility to create a well-rounded athlete who’s injury-free, malleable, strong, and have good posture to boot. Working in a physical therapy clinic during the day, I often interact with patients who face musculoskeletal barriers which has given me the experience to better those who do not have such difficulties. My approach is simple, research-based, and I make it entertaining — If it’s tight, we lengthen it...if it’s weak, we strengthen’s an old formula that still works well. I don’t train so I can be fast, I train so I can continue to run for the rest of my life (the speed just came along with the process naturally).