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Jessi D.
Why do you move?
I have a lot of energy and it’s the kind that needs to be in a forward progression. I feel most at home in movement, I feel most alive inside of movement and I feel most inspired when I move. I move to be exactly who I am meant to be.

Why do I train holistically?
Because I'm everything. I'm a wife, a mother, a entrepreneur, an athlete, a woman, a sister, a list maker, a lunch maker and a day maker. I move on a a lot of planes mentally and emotionally, so my physical training needs to match that.

What is your goal for LAB members?
My goal for our Lab members is that they learn how to train more intelligently and more intentionally. I want them to learn that we don’t need to be going our hardest every day. Instead, we should really look at our lives and who we want to be and how we want to live and learn to reward our bodies with the training it truly needs.