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Mary C.
It’s not run until it’s run, won until it’s won, and done until it’s done.
Mary is a professional runner who trains 24/7 to be an elite athlete. She has participated in World Championships, set Junior American records, and forgo her NCAA eligibility to pursue her dream of running for a living. Since graduating from Fordham University and moving into the city full-time, her training has ramped up, but so has her love for the sport. The NYC running community introduced Mary to new friends, fans, and fun experiences, so she wants to spend the time she’s not training her own body to help others get better themselves. She is fully focused on her own training to compete on the highest levels of track and field, but also appreciates how running impacts people’s lives off the track: running is a lifestyle, joy, and way to test your limits. Mary loves spreading her knowledge of training at an elite level with others through Mile High’s classes and personal coaching.