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Mary C.
It’s not run until it’s run, won until it’s won, and done until it’s done.
Mary is a professional middle distance runner who is training and living in NYC. She is no stranger to both the highs and lows of the sport, and wants to share her knowledge on injuries, training, and racing with her fellow runners. Fun fact: Mary has 25.5 200m speed but isn’t the fastest in her family... that award has to go to her dog, Nala, who has out sprinted her one too many times. Class style: Track meets tread. As a miler, she likes to make her workouts a mix of endurance and speed, with each rep and set building on the previous block. Be ready to work hard! Music to expect: Often playing the latest hits, with some oldies (80s music in particular) sprinkled in. Hard to be in a class without at least one Dermot Kennedy song too...