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John H.
Aim to be a strong runner before a fast runner.
As an athlete, John competed for New Zealand in the 2004 Olympic Games at Athens in the 10,000m's. He has also finished 13th place in the New York City Marathon (2005) with a time of 2:15:05. In addition to being a sub 4-minute miler, John has won 21 NYRR races in Central Park since arriving to New York in 2005. His best time in the 10,000m is 27:45. As a coach, John has worked with a wide range of runners - from professional athletes to any runner trying to complete a certain distance or run a personal best. Coaching highlights include his work with world renown coach/runner Alberto Salazar and teen track sensation Mary Cain as well as his runners participation in the 2012 Olympic trials.