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Lauren B.
Lauren began practicing yoga in college as a way to unwind and become more flexible. When she began traveling the world she used it as a tool to maintain strength and physical fitness amidst changing environments. She is passionate about the lifelong benefits of yoga that go beyond the mat. She has spent the last three years traveling and living in NYC. This is where she trained to be a teacher and taught yoga at various studios in the city while learning from world class teachers, as well as teaching for a short time in Morocco. She is also trained in Mat Pilates and incorporates components of that into her teaching. Expect a dance-like powerful flow with lots of emphasis on the core, and music that brings you deeper into your body and potential.

What she’s playing: indietronica, triphop, house, electropop, rap - anything with a good beat and a melodic rhythm

Favorite quote: “Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live”

Classes: Yoga