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Helen W.
Helen first discovered her passion for fitness through martial arts while attending high school. She enjoyed the high-intensity of Muay Thai and boxing, which then led her to cycle. Having been a drummer since she was seven-years-old, Helen immediately fell in love with riding to the beat on the bike. After working for MISSION during her summer after high school, she trained to teach during her winter break from college and was ready to debut on the bike after returning from her freshman year. Helen is currently a student at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. When she is not home from school, you will find her spending her free time in NYC. Helen’s ride is defined by a strong beat and an ever-evolving playlists. Her choreography allows riders to meld with the music and get an incredible workout in the process. As MISSION’s youngest instructor, Helen always has something new and innovative to bring to the bike.
What’s She’s Playing: She keeps it current and unique with her playlists. There is sure to be a strong beat to carry you through your ride.
Quote she lives by: Don’t stop until you’re proud.
Classes: Cycle