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Maria G.
Maria G. was born and raised in New Hampshire and has always been drawn to an active lifestyle. She grew up playing sports and has a strong passion for movement which led her to her career as a physical therapist. While Maria definitely has a competitive side to her, what she loves about MISSION is how everyone works together as a team to never miss a beat. We move together, sweat together, and grow stronger together every time we step into the studio. Maria tried her first Barre class at MISSION over a year ago and immediately felt a strong connection with the workout and wants to share that with the community. In Maria’s class, you can expect to be inspired to push past physical and mental boundaries while in a vibrant, high energy and supportive environment.
What She’s Playing: Everything from today's top hits to classic throwbacks with some country and electronic dance thrown in. Nothing but good beats to energize you and carry you through to the end.
Quote She Lives By: "There is strength in vulnerability.”
Classes: Barre, Strength