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Alicia U.
My career as a university athlete ended years ago and my friend spontaneously brought me to my first spin class 3+ years ago (crazy!!). I rode in a Capable class not knowing what to expect and although I didn't hit one set of arms on-beat, I walked out of the spin room the sweatiest I had ever been but with such a sense of joy and accomplishment. That feeling on top of how welcomed & included I felt the second I walked through those doors kept me coming back and I was soon addicted. Iron Cycle quickly became my second home and got me through a very challenging year filled with injuries and setbacks. For me the spin room became my safe place where I could press pause on the happenings in life for 45 min and just be present. The transition from a rider, to front desk staff & now to an instructor has been incredibly life-giving and my hope is to continue creating a space where riders can feel equipped and empowered to push past their comfort zone, become the best version of themselves, and know they always have a family with us at Iron Cycle. I love seeing my riders reach new levels, hit their goals, and give it their all - nothing beats that. This community keeps me going - thank you for the constant joy, passion, laughter, and energy you carry into every class and for sharing in your same love for spin with me!