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Kristy M.
Kristy's love of Iron Cycle is not a secret! She first walked through the doors in 2018 as a rider, and loved the way she felt encouraged and welcomed into a community of empowering people. The mental and physical benefits were quickly evident to her even after one ride, including decreased anxiety and better sleep. She has been teaching at Iron since 2019 after being inspired by fellow riders who walk through the doors on crutches or using canes following surgery and leave class smiling and stronger. "Not only did Iron Cycle change my life and how I think about fitness and abilities, it's also about the big picture and encouraging a whole community. Celebrating the big and small wins, the inclusion of all fitness levels and abilities, and the consistent messaging that we are capable is why I love Iron Cycle. To be a part of this team, to meet and talk with riders and hear their stories is a dream come true." Kristy is married to her husband, and a mom of 4 young daughters. She is a nurse and in her free time (free time??) enjoys hiking with her dog, finding any reason to be around the ocean or a lake.