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Shoshauna R.
WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO INDOOR CYCLING - Being a former professional cyclist, spin classes are something I've included in my training over the past 12 years. The best thing about indoor cycling is the energy. There are days when I would have to train on exhausted legs, yet I was able to get a little more out of myself in a spin group setting. Sometimes a little external motivation is what gets you to that next level. With a spin class, all walks of life and ability levels can come together, push their own limits and motivate others around them. I gain energy from the people I'm with, and spin classes exude positive energy! FAVOURITE PAST TIME - I love sport and the outdoors! Running, hiking, mountain biking and road cycling are at the top of my list of past times. Exercising clears my head, reinvigorates my body and makes me feel alive! There is also no better way to connect with friends than during a long hike or ride in nature. FAVOURITE THING ABOUT ABBOTSFORD - Abbotsford has given me a lot to be thankful for. We bought our first home and farm here, we grow veggies and raise animals, and we started our own business: Healthy Hooch Kombucha. The community itself has been so supportive, and Abbotsford is turning into this gentrified, modern, holistic, gem of a town. There's this growing demand for quality and it's being satisfied through locally owned restaurants, shops, breweries, cafes and businesses alike. It's hard to pick just one "favourite thing" about this town.