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Shayla B.
WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO INDOOR CYCLING - I have a great joy and a love for health, fitness, and community engagement. I had to jump at this new unique approach to fitness. The atmosphere of a cycle studio is contagious and I love how it can bring so many people together. All working towards a common goal. Making connections with people on a regular basis is a real motivator for myself and hopefully others who come to my class. FAVOURITE PAST TIME - Team sports have always played a major role in my life! Now that I am at university I’ve learned to love individualized fitness that fits more with my time schedule. As a university student I enjoy all types of fitness such as running, hiking, and weightlifting. I am always keen to see what new and exciting in the downtown Abby core! However you can also catch me in Kits enjoying a coffee with my friends - I believe life is all about balance :) FAVOURITE THING ABOUT ABBOTSFORD - The downtown area is thriving and re-establishing itself everyday! To be apart of iron cycle and it’s location is a honour. I am obsessed with the Habit Project and it’s delicious smoothie bowls!! You can also catch me at Fieldhouse trying out their delicious craft beers and farm to table goodness. #foodieatheart