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Kelsey C.
WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO INDOOR CYCLING - I first used indoor cycling as a form of cross training while playing NCAA and international basketball and was instantly sold. The atmosphere allows for an experience like no other where you can just let go and find this inner strength that you may have never knew you had. I love its ability to bring everyone together and bring out the athlete in you! FAVOURITE PAST TIME - I am an athlete through and through which means I enjoy almost all types of physical activity whenever possible. My husband and I love to hike, especially in the summer, or enjoy getting in a great weight lifting session. Where you will find me when I am not getting my sweat on is in the kitchen as I love to experiment with and create new recipes! FAVOURITE THING ABOUT ABBOTSFORD - 1. The people: Living away from Canada for so many years you forget what it is like to experience the kindness and friendliness of fellow Canadians! 2. The coffee: Abbotsford holds a special place in my heart having grown up in the Fraser Valley and am so excited about the direction Downtown Abbotsford is moving. I love a great cup of coffee which makes it so nice to have a bunch of places just down the street to walk to!