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Andre L.
“When your mind, mouth and heart are in sync, then you are well.”
What started your fitness journey?
I started my journey after 20 years of hard drinking and partying. I originally started going to the gym on my own then injured myself and knew it was time to find a trainer.
What led you into the industry?
During my search for a trainer, I found Synergy, later on I became certified to train on my own.
What does Synergy mean to you?
Love. I’ve been with the gym for 7 years now out of the 10 I have been a trainer.
What’s your favorite workout?
My favorite workouts are ALL of them. I usually workout with free weights in circuits.
How long do you usually workout?
I usually workout for an hour, sometimes I’ll squeeze another 30 min.
Favorite playlist song?
I’m usually listening to a mix of Gangsta Rap, Hard Rock, some pop and Spanish music.
Favorite class?
My favorite class is the one I’m teaching at the moment. One of my favorite parts of my job is connecting with clients and having fun. I would encourage anyone to try something different, like our SPYN classes! I, too, have to step outside my box if I want to see results.
What do you love about living in Fresno?
The thing I love the most about Fresno is the accessibility to everything from the main streets.
Favorite cheat day snack?
My favorite chest day meal is Ice Cream, for sure.