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Gigi E.
What’s your life theme song?
'Ultralight Beam' by Kanye West

What’s your recipe for a hot class?A body scan and breathing meditation before we begin movement. Focus on intention set at the beginning of practice the practice. A dope playlist that interweaves with the intention. A balanced flow of movement from high intensity to a cool down. Partnered with the breath and intention. To end with the savasana and a closing statement wrapping everything together.

If you can have a drink with any musician/rockstar, who would it be? Janet Jackson. Her music is timeless and she is an innovator for the entertainment/music industry. She was the start of the pop star in general. Trailblazers are my absolute favorite and that's exactly what she is. She handles her stardom with grace.

Number one core value: Transparency. Always remain clear about who you are. Be fearless of being seen.