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Lauren G.
What's your life theme song?
"Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine. It is a solid reminder that as bad as things may seem, there is always something better right around the corner. It's all about your perspective and this song always reminds me to "shake out" that negativity.

If money were no object what would you do?
Travel the world.

What goal are you looking to crush next?
Start my own non-profit centered around using sports to teach kids the importance of being active, hard work, and positive values.

What's your recipe for a hot class?
A steep climb, fierce playlist, and crazy energy!

What's your favorite move on the bike?
Push Up, Tap Backs. This move always gets me fired up! This makes me feel strong and energizes me through any class.

What inspires you?
A team of like-minded people all pursuing their passion.

Number one core value: