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Nicole P.

Severely overweight, suffering from postpartum depression and hundreds of miles from friends and family; Nicole walked into her first Zumba class in 2006. From the first class she was hooked on the upbeat music and party-like atmosphere. Fast forward through another baby, a move across the state, going back to college and changing careers and she found her way back to Zumba classes when looking for a way to get active and connect in the new community. In 2014 she committed to doing Zumba classes three times a week and eating a healthier diet and lost 70 pounds in less than a year. In September of 2015 Nicole decided she wanted to share her love for the party and comraderies based workout and became a licensed Zumba instructor and has been teaching and assisting as an instructor ever since. Nicole even exercised with Zumba fitness all the way through her third pregnancy and quickly dropped the little bit of weight she had gained from that pregnancy and recovered from her third C-section much faster than the first two; all of which she credits to Zumba!

Nicole’s instructing style is very high energy in a party-like atmosphere. The music is loud and the room is dim like a nightclub so you can relax and enjoy dancing your calories off. No dance experience is necessary as Nicole will show you with visual cues what’s coming next in every song!

You can find Nicole’s Zumba fitness classes exclusively at Kfit Studios on Monday (5 pm), Wednesday (9:30 am), and Friday (9:30 am).