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Mikaela F.
Mikaela was born and raised in Sacramento. She has always had a love for fitness ever since playing competitive soccer growing up. During her junior year of high school, she tore her ACL and found her way to the gym due to physical therapy. The gym turned her love for fitness into an overall passion for health and wellness. She began two notice the benefits of nutrition and exercise. Not just the physical, but the mental and physiological as well. She received her BS in Nutrition and Food from Sacramento State University and is passionate about helping people create a sustainable lifestyle for longevity. She believes in nourishing your body with whole foods, quality sleep, daily exercise and positive relationships. Her goal as a trainer is to help people create habits that will last a lifetime. She understands that exercise is very individualized and loves working with people to find a routine that best fits their lifestyle. She is currently a personal trainer and nutrition coach at the gym! When she’s not working she loves cooking, hanging out with friends, going in the sauna, and spending time outdoors. She’s a high coffee lover, podcast listener, and happy hour enthusiast.