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Abby V.
Abby was originally born in Santa Cruz, but moved at a very young age and was raised in Sacramento. She grew up being an athlete and playing sports her whole life. Competed in gymnastics, softball and soccer during her younger years. In high school, she coached gymnastics and was an assistant coach for a club soccer team.She knew once she started college that she wanted to major in Kinesiology where she would learn the ins and outs of exercise and the movement of the human body. From that point on she became very interested in working out and creating a healthy lifestyle for herself. Over the years her love for exercise continued to develop and so did her love for nutrition. Her goal is that she can use her knowledge and passion to help others reach their goals through physical activity. As for the KU classes, She enjoys working with kids and seeing how they develop their skills and technique over time. Her main goal is to keep her classes as fun, enjoyable and upbeat as possible!