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Ty R.
Ty chose her college major when an ankle injury sustained senior year in high school threatened her season. The doctor told her she would be out for 6 weeks. She went to the Certified Athletic Trainer and through structured rehabilitation and proper use of modalities, was back on the court in 1 week. She knew then what she wanted to study. She received her Bachelors in Sports Medicine in 2001 and quickly transitioned to personal training in 2003 in order to blend her knowledge of injuries with her love of the weight room. She uses her in depth knowledge of rehabilitation to provide her clients with not only what they want, but also what they need. After 16+ years of being in the field, she prides herself on being able to affect real change for her clientele making a point to address not only the physical challenges, but the life challenges as well. Training with Ty is not only dynamic, challenging and fun but informative. She wants you to learn how your body moves and what it needs in order to minimize risk of injury and enhance your life outside the gym. She found CrossFit in 2009 and competed at the regional level for several years. She has extensive knowledge of CrossFit specific movements and high level skills and offers supplemental programming in order to get you past plateaus or injuries without missing your classes. B.S. Sports Medicine/Athletic Training CrossFit Level 1 2010 CrossFit Olympic LIfting 2010 CrossFit Power LIfting 2012 CrossFit Football 2012 USAW 2010 NATABOC 2001