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Scott Z.
Scott Estrada, CPT/CNC, has been coaching and consulting in the field of human performance for over 25 years with an emphasis on longevity science, brain optimization, anti-aging strategies, disease prevention and superfood nutrition. He is the health/nutrition coach for StandUp Paddle Magazine and the sister magazine for women’s balance and empowerment in the SUP world, Samata. His published articles address the most nutrient dense foods and how to use them daily for optimal performance. He coaches people across the spectrum from elite athletes to people dealing with all kinds of disease states. He recently co-founded WholeHearted Juice Company, in Sacramento, a cold-pressed, 100% organic curator of locally sourced produce to deliver the best nutrient dense juice, nut/seed milk and tonic blends directly to where you live, work and play. He is excited to be a part of the Fitness Rangers team. Certifications: CPT, CNC