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Megan F.
As a former competitive soccer player, exercise has always been a way of life for Megan. Graduating from San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Kinesiology, Megan was determined to share her passion and knowledge for exercise and make a difference in peoples lives. While at SF State, she performed research with UCSF to implement safer and more effective physical activity programs within the Bay Area’s school systems. In addition, her background in healthcare as a Physician Assistant provides her with the knowledge to create and implement safe exercise regimens that challenge her clients while accommodating any injuries. Megan is passionate about training because she loves working with and motivating those who want their best shot at a balanced, healthy life. Most of her time outside of the gym is spent working as a Physician Assistant, hiking, and traveling the world. Specialized Skills: Soccer training, strength training, weight loss, metabolic conditioning Certifications: B.S. Kinesology, NSCA – CSCS, Masters of Health Services, Certified Physician Assistant