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Heather V.
Heather has been an athlete her entire life. She started with endurance horse racing with her parents, a sport that consists of races up to 100 miles an completed in less than 24 hours. She then started running half marathons with her father, which soon turned into marathons and ultra marathons. She has dabbled in triathlon & Ironman competitions including Kona & World Championships. In 2009 Heather started bike racing and has not looked back. She currently bikes on an elite level women’s team. Fall of 2012 Heather and her husband Judd welcomed their baby girl, Autumn into their lives! Only five months after Autumn was born Heather was back bike racing. Heather has been a personal trainer for seven years. Her energy and enthusiasm for health and fitness radiates everyone around her! She doesn’t talk the talk Heather walks the walk! Specialized Skills: Weight Loss, Functional & Dynamic Movement Certifications: AFPA CPT, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant