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Amanda C.
"I fell in love with Spin because of the energy of the group, the music, and the simple challenge. I pick a few different challenges each year to complete (half-marathon, 30 day yoga challenge, distance bike rides, sprint triathlons etc) and spinning helps me train for all of them. Its good to mix it up, but its also nice to be able to come back to the bike"

"I play music from before I was born to something that was released yesterday. If it gets inside my head, makes me want to move, I'll play it. Music is so subjective - if you don't like something that one instructor will play, chances are you'll love another instructor. Don't hate on the music that's played or the person playing it - we're all just here for a good ride"

"I mix up the classes enough that you'll get a taste of everything - flats, slow climbs, running hills, sprints, intervals. But one thing your guaranteed is that the challenge is there to push yourself until the end of the 45th minute - it's up to you to ride with it (pun intended)."