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Michael S.
Sports and fitness have been a huge part of my life for so many years. In high school I joined the rowing team without realizing that the sport would ignite a passion that would last for the next 18 years comprising of high school, university, provincial and national competition. Alongside rowing, I enjoy running, sailing, windsurfing, rock climbing and road biking. Activities that push me to my best and challenge my mind and body are things I had to give a go. When I first moved to Toronto, I walked passed this new spin gym at King & Portland and not only could I hear the thumping music, but through these small little windows I could feel this intense energy: I had to try it. So year after year, attending class after class, I knew that I wanted to move to the stage and teach. My passion to lead classes and coach individuals and groups to their highest potential is evident through the high energy I bring to each and every class. My passion for the sport of cycling exploded when I moved to Barcelona in 2012; spending 2 years cycling in the Pyrenees was a dream come true. But as all dreams come to an end, in 2014 I moved back to the city I grew up in: Vancouver. Although Vancouver had a great landscape, it lacked the sunshine and that drove me to find an amazing spin gym where I continued to teach 3-4 classes a week. Vancouver was short lived and with my return to the best city in the world, I'm thrilled to return to Quad. What I love most about each class is using the music as a training partner. It can be a driving force to draw out our best efforts. I have quite a diverse taste in music but I find that I get the best energy out of vocal remixes, pop, and the occasional world music or an 80's anthem tune!! There are 2 primary motives I have for my class: Work your best effort: I never repeat the same playlist and as each class is unique and different, we will always push our best. Second, you gotta have fun; if you're going to put in the time, you better be doing something fun that you can enjoy. See you on the bike Michael