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Liesl D.

Aside from the obvious (the way an intense workout makes me feel, mind and body), I find spinning to be one of the most practical/efficient forms of exercise. In the midst of a hectic and busy schedule, spinning still affords me the time to gain such benefits in such a short space of time (I mean we’re busy people, right?)

 I am excited to teach at Quad, because every single time I walk into one of the gyms, I am struck by a welcoming, nurturing environment that somehow manages to offer something new each and every time. I have left there and returned to work to complete a 12-14 hour day, feeling stronger, better and energized, and I have literally wept on the bike (some kind of catharsis).

 I have been spinning 18 years (still not over it).

My other passion is I have a love and respect of good design (that really can be found everywhere and in the smallest details of our lives). This fuels my vocation, as a decorator for television and film. One of the things I love seeing inside people’s homes to appreciate the way in which design and decor some in to play and impact our lives.