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James D.
Hello my name is James Dekrone, I am trainer at Energy of Fort Salonga. After being an athlete all my life and wrestling Division One for West Virginia University my fitness philosophy is to always be trying to improve every day. I believe a well rounded individual that is constantly trying to improve in all areas not only has a great fitness philosophy, but also a great life philosophy. My training goals are to help clients reach their own goals, and to help my clients develop real sustainable changes in their lifestyle and exercise habits. By doing this I believe my clients are able to push themselves which motivates them to work with me and on their own, this is the driving factor to adherence of any exercise, diet or just a lifestyle reboot program. Motivating clients to make real changes and to stick with them is something I truly enjoy, especially when the client begins to see the transformation themselves, physically or mentally. Athleticism, power training, interval training, diet, and recovery are all things I emphasize as a trainer. I am a firm believer of the “total package” meaning that it is important to touch on all areas in order to achieve the highest level of fitness. Naturally my original interest in training stems from my extensive athletic career, and my exposure to coaches, trainers, strength coaches, nutritionist, and even psychologist. My interest has continued in learning new things everyday, and following my own life philosophy in constantly trying to learn, improve and grow every day.