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Jennifer W.
Jenn has been a member of Team Energy since October of 2016 when she began teaching Circuit Classes. By the end of February of 2017, she became an IFA Certified Personal Trainer, and she joined Energy’s elite training staff. She is currently studying to obtain her NASM Certification as well. She also has an interest in getting certified to lead other classes such as Spin and Kickboxing. Her training style is to work with a client’s individual goals and fitness levels - incorporating cardio with weight and strength training in order to help her clients achieve optimal weight loss and muscle tone. She tries to keep her workouts fun and interesting. Jenn has a gentle approach when training, which helps to put people at ease. She’s always ready with a smile to pass along her knowledge and positive attitude to help you get into the best shape of your life! Jenn is also committed to continuously seek out learning opportunities to keep her skills sharp in order to always remain current to the benefit of her clients. She’s already had some exciting experiences with Team Energy and she’s excited to get started with you today! Jenn has been married for almost 17 years to her husband, Maurice, and is the mother to three wonderful daughters - Olivia, Sophia and Veronica. She also loves sports and all things super hero and Star Wars!