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Kristi A.
Yoga came into my life at age fifteen when I quit competitive gymnastics and was yearning to fill that void. I played volleyball in high school, so later on I sought relief from chronic back pain. After college I spent eight years abroad in Madrid then Dubai. It was while living in Dubai and working as a flight attendant (a job I didn’t enjoy and needed an escape from) that I began a regular practice in a studio with teachers who nurtured and inspired me. I completed my teacher training in Goa, India, and have returned to Houston to teach yoga full time. As a former gymnast and psychology major in college, I enjoy exploring both the physical and emotional benefits that yoga brings. My classes are vigorous, fluid and playful, and I aim to shift students’ physical practice toward a moving meditation that can be an escape from the constant mental chatter or “chitta vritti” we often have. By grounding, expanding, becoming aware of our breath, posture, and movement, we can create space and ease in both our bodies and minds. Yoga offers a chance to change the relationship we have with ourselves and to everyone around us. My hope is that you step off the mat feeling a little lighter, stronger, more balanced, and can carry that into other aspects of your life. Fun fact: I love ASMR relaxation videos, even the weird eating ones!