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Katie H.
Ever since leaving my hometown of Columbus, Ohio in 2012, I have yet to live in one place for longer than 2 years. Along with being a 200-RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, I am an Engineer for one of the largest companies in the world, and travelling and moving goes along with this. With all of the craziness that goes with moving so often, Yoga is the one thing that keeps me grounded and connected. I know that whatever city I am in, I can pop into a yoga studio and see a smiling face or make a new friend. To me, that is the best part of Yoga, the Community . . . and the Yoga Community in Houston is AMAZING! Come see it for yourself! My personal practice is always evolving and is a major influence on my teaching style. I love to include different transitions and advanced poses in my classes while also providing alternatives for all levels of yogi. My classes are about finding a physical connection to your body with breath and movement in an effort to discover the balance between challenging yourself and letting go.