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Khang N.
I was born in Saigon,Vietnam and came to America when I was a toddler. I learned from my parents to never make excuses and to always work hard. Having humble beginnings and a supportive family is what keeps me grounded. My love of fitness and sports began when I saw Hakeem Olajuwon win a NBA championship. I got into fitness when I was in college and worked the front desk of a gym as a part time job. My love of fitness grew when I started working out with some of the college trainers and athletes. Seeing someone totally transform their performance and bodies drove me to learn as much about fitness as I could. I love playing sports but please never ask me to run long distances! The science of fitness fascinates me because I'm a science nerd! Im currently finishing my Health and Human performance degree at the University of Houston. I have certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Council of Strength and Fitness . I also have specialized certifications with NASM in Corrective Excercise, Performance Enhancement and Mixed Martial Arts. I have been a Personal Trainer since 2005 and I've loved every minute of it! Fun facts: -I love to travel and so far have been on 6 of the 7 continents. -Basketball and football are my favorites sports. Don't start a conversation with me about NBA or NFL unless you have a few hours to kill. -I am a foodie and mainly workout hard to accommodate my glutenous appetite. -I love animals and its embarrassing how much animal knowledge I actually know.