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Alicia M.
"Never stop fighting. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."
Alicia’s fitness journey started with a focus on dance—ballet to be more specific. Fast forward many years later and though Alicia’s always been active, it was in the past four years that she really dove into more strength and kickboxing training. Along the way, she decided she just HAD to teach kickboxing, too. What does Alicia love most about teaching now that she’s going? “Motivating others to push through!” She cites that it is a very freeing feeling to pass along her passion and drive to keep going to others. Alicia feels strongly that fitness is an outlet to physically practice the concept of perseverance, which can help in all other aspects of our lives. When she’s not dancing, lifting or hitting and kicking bags, you’ll find Alicia spending all the quality time she can with her nine-year-old little boy, Anthony. She emphasizes that her son is her why, motivation and absolute everything!