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Kristine B.
Kristine is passionate about living an active lifestyle and loves taking classes at TRX, going to yoga, surfing and being active everyday! Kristine has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology and has NASM, FMS and TRX Advanced Group Trainer certifications. Kristine taught Physical Education and was a group trainer in Napa before moving to San Francisco to pursue her dream to work full time in the fitness industry. Kristine made it her goal to coach at the TRX Training Center; a company that’s at the top of the fitness industry and a product that Kristine loves. She is all about using the TRX suspension trainer as a fun way to plank, push, pull, rotate, hinge, squat and lunge to stay fit. Kristine’s goal as a fitness professional is to share her passion for fitness through positive group training experiences for all fitness levels. Get ready to have fun and challenge yourself to earn your better in her classes!