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Thandi G.
Thandi was born in Africa (her name is Zulu), moved onto Guam for high school, and after completing college in Southern California in 2000, she found her home in the Bay Area. Thandi first discovered TRX in 2008 through her connection with the martial arts. As a first-degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, having spent years focusing on form and precision in movement, she naturally took to the straps.

Along with instructing TRX for the last 10 years, Thandi is also a certified indoor cycling instructor at a local SF studio, and a huge advocate of the 5-minute plank series (her 3-year-old is up to 10 seconds, but she’s working on it!). She fully believes in the power of TRX and finds joy in getting others to tap into their core and get their game on in each class!