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Deborah K.
Deborah Kearns has completed two hundred hours of Pilates training through Peak Pilates (mat and equipment), holds a RYT-200 through Yoga Fit, and is also a Reiki Master and Rock Healer. She first found Pilates when she fell off a horse during a riding lesson and broke her elbow. Her riding teacher suggested she take some Pilates classes to improve her balance. She fell in love with the Pilates system, and discovered not only better balance, but also a system of exercise that was safe, incredibly effective, and provided endless possibilities for continued learning and improvement. She found yoga when her Pilates teacher suggested she might appreciate the healing gifts that the mind, body, and spirit modality had to offer. Not surprisingly, she fell in love with all aspects of yoga, especially way the practice allowed her to release things which no longer served her in order to make room for those things which did. Finally, she fell in love with the energy healing of Reiki and Rock treatments because of the opportunities the holistic healing methods provide for personal growth and for increasing feelings of contentment, possibility, and well-being. As a former Adjunct Professor of English and Humanities at Penn State, Deborah also has a love of all things related to writing, literature, and film. Finally, her greatest loves are her husband Mark, and children Courtney and Kyle.